Canon Pixma MX310 Printer Driver, Software Download

By | May 7, 2017

Canon Pixma MX310 Manual Driver, Software Download

Canon Pixma MX310 Printer Driver, Software Download
Canon Pixma MX310

MX Series | PIXMA MX310

Canon Pixma MX310 Wireless Setup, Airprint Setup, Fax Setup, Scanner Driver Mac, Linux, Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Xp, Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Installation Software, Ink Cartridges – The Canon Pixma MX310 Office All-in-One Inkjet becomes the best choice for you. How come? This is because this printer has the high-performance versatility. When you use Pixma MX310 it for printing photos, the result is very great. The color resolution of this photo is up to 4.800 x 1.200 colordpi1. Then, for the black color, the result is 600 x 600 dpi. The process of printing is so fast. It just needs the time for about 46 detik2. This Pixma MX310 is completed by the contact image sensor (CIS). You will be satisfied because it has the maximal resolutions in 1.200 x 2.400 dpi for optical and interpolated 19.200 x 19.200 dpi.
Canon Pixma MX310 Reviews – The scanning mode of this PIXMA MX310 is 48-bit internal/ 24 bit external. If you want to print a document, don’t be worried because the capacity of it is big enough until 8.5 x 11.7. This printer will help your work maximally because the speed of copy is very quick. Its speed for black is 22 cpm and for the color is 17 cpm.
Many people feel satisfied using this PIXMA MX310 for helping them in working. Some photographers choose this kind of printer because the result is very great. If you want to get reliable, a workhorse, never fussy and affordable printer, this Pixma MX310 is the best choice.
Another benefit you will get if choosing this printer, Pixma MX310 is completed by WIFI connection. For that, printing can be done by using the wireless network. It is very simple, you can print some data from your smartphone easily. In addition, this printer has great inkjet system. The result of the image and file printing quality is very good.

Canon PIXMA MX310 Specifications

  • Print Speed (up to) 4 x 6 borderless photo: approximately 46 seconds/ Black: Up to 22 ppm (as fast as 2.7 seconds per page)/ Color: Up to 17 ppm (as fast as 3.5 seconds per page)2
  • Number of Nozzles Black: 320/ Color: 384 x 3 (C/M/Y)/ Total: 1,472
  • Picoliter Size (color) Picoliter Size: 2 and 5
  • Print Resolution (Up to) Black: 600 x 600 dpi/ Color: 4800 x 1200 dpi1
  • Paper Sizes Credit Card (2.13 x 3.39), 4x 6, 4x 8, 5x 7, 8x 10, Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 envelopes, Photo Stickers
  • Copy Speed (up to) Black: 22 cpm (as fast as 2.7 seconds per page)2/ Color: 17 cpm (as fast as 3.5 seconds per page)
  • Scanning Element Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
  • Max. Resolutions Optical:1200 x 2400 dpi/ Interpolated:19,200 x 19,200 dpi
  • Scanning Mode 48-bit internal / 24-bit external/ Max. Document Size/ 8.5 x 11.7

Canon PIXMA MX310 Ink Cartridges

  • PG50 High Capacity Pigment Black
  • CL51 High Capacity Color
  • PG40 Pigment Black
  • CL41 Color
  • PG30 Pigment Black
  • CL31 Color
  • 0615B009 2 Pack PG-40 / CL-41
  • PG50 High Yield
  • PG40 Black
  • CL51 High Yield
  • PG40 Black
  • CL41 Color
  • PG30 Black
  • CL31 Color
OS Compatibility
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows Vista™
  • Windows XP/2000
  • Mac OS® X v.10.2.8 to 10.5.x9,11
Relax! Here Are The Steps of How to install Canon Pixma MX310 Printer For All Devices

How to install Canon Pixma MX310 Printer For Windows

A. Automatic installation
Your job is nearly done, if your canon printer driver for windows is a Plug and Play device. Because you can just connect it and then wait for it. The Windows System will install all what it needs automatically. Some printers require you to install the software before you can completely connect them, although most printers can be immediately connected on to your computer. But before the printer is plugged in, if your printer requires software to be loaded, then you have to  insert the disc that came with the whole device and then you have to follow the onscreen instructions.
B. Manually installation
You can follow these steps if you need to install the Canon printer driver for windows  manually:
1. First, choose Start → then click Control Panel → look for Printer (it’s located under the Hardware and Sound category) that appears in the window, click Add a Printer.

2. Add Printer Wizard, then you can click the Add a Local Printer option. It will appear in the Add Printer Wizard.

3. Select the specific port for the Windows system, to use for the printer, in the resulting wizard of dialog box. Then click Next. Click the down arrow on the box of “Use an Existing Port Field” and select the necessary port, if you already know that you need to use a specific port. But if you aren’t sure, you can just use the recommended port setting that Windows that selects for you. After that, select a Printer Port dialog box.

4. Then in the next wizard window, that shown, you have to choose your printer’s manufacturer and choose a printer. Click Next. But, if you already have the manufacturer’s disc, you can also insert it in the appropriate CD drive now, and click “Have Disk” button. Click the “Windows Update” button to see a list of printer drivers that you can download yourself from the Microsoft’s website, if you don’t have the manufacturer’s disc.

5. Enter a printer name in the resulting Type a Printer Name of dialog box. Then click Next.
Clear the option of “Make This My Default Printer”, if you don’t want this to be your default printer.

How to Install Canon Pixma MX310 Printer For Mac

A. Connect a USB printer to your Mac
All you have to do is update your software for most USB printers, and then connect the printer to your Mac. OS X automatically detects the printer if necessary. For other printers like Canon, you may have to complete a few steps to add the Canon printer driver for Mac
1. Choose Apple menu to update your software then > App Store, you have to click Updates, then install any software updates listed. 
2. Use the instructions and prepare your printer, the instructions that came with your printer can unpack the printer, install toner or ink, and then add paper. You can make sure it’s not displaying any errors and turn on the printer.
3. Connect the USB cable to your Mac. Make sure to download and install the new software, if you see a message prompting you to download it. 
4. Complete the Add Printer Wizard by click Finish. Then you get an additional dialog box, right in the wizard, after you name the printer, if your computer is on a network. You can select the “Share Name” option and then enter a printer name, if you want to share the printer on your network. This will means that others can also use and print to your printer. Or you have to select the “Do Not Share This Printer” option, to stop others from using the printer. 

How to install Canon Pixma MX310 Printer For Linux

Nowadays Canon Pixma MX310 printer is easily installable in Linux Mint or Ubuntu. The following step-by-step project is only for Canon Pixma printer for Linux user.
1. Connect your printer to computer by a USB cable. After that, turn on your own printer.
2. It’s necessary to add a scanner or printer to the system yourself. In that case the application Printers contains the driver for the printer, you have to indicate the printer. Launch the application Printers. Use the search box in menu to find it. Because it can present by default in all editions of Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Click the button with Add with the + sign and follow the steps below, it will offers you the application Printers. But if this is fails, maybe because your printer device is too new for database in the version of your Ubuntu or Linux Mint, then you can proceed with step 3.
3. Download the driver for PIXMA printer by go to the Canon website. Download at this point, only when the driver for your printer part of your multifunctional, when you have a multifunctional printer that’s also contains a scanner. 
4. Then launch a terminal window.
5. Go to the folder Downloads and launch your File Manager. You will find another folder with a long name in that folder, that starts with cnijfilter. Then open that folder and you can click through to its all subfolder packages.
6. After that, the next step differs for 32-bit and 64-bit. You have to check whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit.
7. Then reboot your computer system to make your printer should be able to print now. You may possibly have to add the system first in to your system, by means of the application Printers. But at this point, only the printer part works, for  the multifunctional printers with a scanner. You can also enabling the scanner as well, then continue with step 8.
8. Then first go to the Canon website when you have a multi functional PIXMA printer that also contains a scanner. And then download the driver for scanner part. You have to select the driver package after that.
9. Launch a terminal window.
10. Go to the folder Downloads and launch File Manager. You will find another folder with a long name in that folder, that starts with scangearmp. You can open that folder and then click through to its subfolder packages.
11. Last next step differs for 32-bit and64-bit. Check whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit. The package called scangearmp-common double-click first. For 32-bit you can select the one whose name ends on i386.deb, but for 64-bit, you can select the one whose name ends on amd64.deb. Then double-click the package scangearmp with name of your printer series. And then for 32-bit select the one whose name ends on i386.deb and for 64-bit select the one whose name ends on amd64.deb. After that, you’re ready, because the Canon printer driver free download should work now, including the scanner part.

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Setup Wireless Canon Pixma MX310 Printer

A. WPS Connection Method
There are some conditions before we start, that must be met in order to use the WPS push button method:
Access point must have a physical WPS push button available in your system.
If WPS push button isn’t available, then use the instructions on the Standard Connection Method.
Check also with your device’s user guide for the details completely.
The network must be using the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 security protocol of course. 
Most WPS also enabled access points to use this protocol.
Here are the steps:

Steps 1
You have to make sure that the printer is turned on.
Hold and press the “Wi-Fi” button of “MASTER” Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection Wifi button, on the top of your printer until alarm lamp flashes once.
Step 2
Then go to your access point, press the “WPS” button within 2 minutes after make sure that the lamp next to that button starts to flash blue.
Please refer to its user guide for exact details on starting WPS on your access point.
The Wi-Fi lamp will flash blue on the printer. And it will continue flashing while searching, and the power of Wi-Fi lamp will flash when connecting to access point. Wi-Fi lamp and the power will stop flashing and remain lit, when the printer has made a connection to your wireless network successfully.
Step 3
The network settings confirmation
For confirm that the printer is connected to your wireless network, print out the network settings of the printer if you wish like the instruction below:

1.You have to make sure that the printer is turned on.
2. Then load a sheet of the letter-sized or A4 plain paper.
3. Hold and press the “Resume or Cancel of MASTER Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection Setup Page on the stop button. The button will turn on the alarm lamp of MASTER Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection tab with 1 or 2 flashes in 15 times, you can release it.
After that, the network information page will also be printed. Check that the Connection indicates Active, when you referring to the printout. Because the SSID (Service Set Identifier) will indicates the correct name of your own wireless network of course. That’s all about How to Install Canon printer for all devices.

Canon PIXMA MX310 Driver Download – Windows, Mac

System Operation Download
Canon Pixma MX310 series MP Driver Windows
Canon Pixma MX310 series MP Driver Windows
8.1 x64/8 x64/7 x64/Vista64
My Printer Software Windows
10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP
My Image Garden Software Windows
10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP
MX310 series CUPS Printer Driver OS X 10.5/10.6 Download
MX310 series CUPS Printer Driver OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9 Download
ICA Driver OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9 Download
MX310 Driver for OS X 10.5 / OS X 10.4 / OS X 10.3/ OS X 10.2 Download
MX310 series Scanner Driver OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9 Download