How To Use a Canon Pixma Printer & Install the Driver

By | May 30, 2017

How To Use a Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Pixma Printer & Install the Driver
Canon Pixma Printer
Canon Pixma Printer & Install the Driver– The activity of printing the document or photos perhaps cannot be separated from almost people’s lives. Whether it is about running business or shool assignments, printing process is so needed. Actually, to print a photos or documents is an easy and simply thing to do. Here, we serve you the ways of how to use a Canon Pixma printer especially in printing any of files.
•  Install the driver 
If it is the first time you interact with the printer, you should install the driver beforehand. connect the printer with the PC by USB and turn it on. To install driver by CD driver, you can insert the CD driver to the ROM drive of your computer. From Windows OS, open “control panel” and click “add a printer”. Then, follow the instructions until the installation process finish.
In addition, if there is no CD driver, you can download the driver by online. commonly, the official site of Canon Printer provides the link to download the software or driver. All you should do is to download the deriver and install it similar with the steps explained above.
•  Insert the sheets of paper 
When the driver printer is ready and your computer has detected the printer, the second way is to put sheets of paper sufficiently on the paper tray. 
•  Open the files you want to print 
The next step is opening the document or photos you want to print. for printing document for Ms Word, for example, after open the document, click the “file” menu and choose “print”. 
•  Make sure the name of the printer is apprriate 
You will find the printing window with some options. Before print, make sure the printer name has been appropriate. additionally, you can also check the print properties according to your need. 
•  Get the printout 
After setting up the print, the last you do is to click the OK from the bottom of the window. When you click it, the printer is running and you need to wait result. Grab your printout. It is the last step of how to use a Canon PIXMA printer.