How to use Canon PIXMA Scanner All-In-One Printer

How to use Canon PIXMA Scanner all-in-one printer

How to use Canon PIXMA Scanner All-In-One Printer
Canon PIXMA Scanner All-In-One Printer
Canon PIXMA Scanner All-In-One Printer– Canon produces the printers with multi functions of capabilities. Not only serves as standalone printer, but it also serves as well as copier. Then, some also serve as scanner and fax machine. By the existence of the multifunction printer, it may increase the efficiency of the job. Actually, to do a scanning document is just a simply way. Come to help you, here we serve you the way of how to use Canon PIXMA scanner.
•  Connect the printer with the computer
There are two ways of connecting the printer scanner to your computer – either wired or wireless. For wired connection, just connect the printer with the computer with USB cable. While if you use wireless connection you can use the display on the printer in order to connect with the wireless network. for further instruction you can open the manual book. When the computer and printer are connected, turn the printer.
•  Install the software
For the first use, you need to install both the driver and the scan application on your computer. Of course it functions to ensure you are able to do with this printer or not. When the installation complete, don’t forget to check your multifunction scanner.
•  Lift up the your printer lid
Before starting to scan file, you need to lift the printer lid. Make sure that the surface of the glass free from dust or something that can disturb the quality.
•  Place the item
The next step is to place a document or photo you want to scan on the front of the glass surface. Then, close the lid maximally.
•  Open the application
look for and open the Canon printer application. Choose the option “scan”. Then, decide the type of the document that you want to scan. Plus, decide also the format and the resolution to save it in. Then, save the file into a folder or any location of your computer, if it is needed rename the file also. Finally, your scanned data is ready and it is the last step of how to use Canon PIXMA scanner in multifunction printer. 

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